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Mid-Pacific International is a Hawai‘i-based consulting firm with a global focus, serving higher education institutions and organizations in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. We specialize in making connections and building bridges to Asia, and assisting Asian institutions become part of the “Anglosphere,” through programs in English, joint programs with U.S. universities and more. Our reach has also expanded to the Americas, Africa, Europe, and beyond.

Our goal is to help our clients grow, advance, and succeed in today’s dynamic and global economy.

We are four professional educators with more than 150 combined years of extensive faculty and international and administrative experience, and impeccable credentials achieved through higher education working experiences in community colleges, bacculareate-granting and research and tertiary institutions.


Assisting Our Clients…

  • Partnerships including Networking and Referral Services
  • International Institution and Program Accreditation
  • Articulated Degree Pathways and Programs
  • Education Abroad for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Brand Development and Promotion
  • Education and Curriculum Development
  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies
  • Administration and Leadership Development and Educational Technology
  • Fund-And-Friend-Raising Campaigns

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