About Mic-Pacific International

Mid-Pacific International is a globally focused consulting firm based in the middle of the Pacific in Hawai‘i. We look to make connections and build bridges from North America to Asia, and assist Asian institutions become part of the “Anglosphere,” through programs in English, joint programs and connections with universities in the United States, and increasing visibility in the English-speaking world through accreditation and other forms of recognition.

With a set of multicultural skills infused with international and global experiences, our four professional consultants lend expertise on topics such as:

  • Challenges and Opportunities Concerning Internationalization and Accreditation
  • Articulated Degree Pathways
  • Educational Technology
  • Administration and Leadership
  • Multicultural Internationalization
  • Globalization, Curriculum and Program Development for Workforce Development
  • Strategic and Long-Range Planning and Development

We customize these products to meet the needs of our clients, in order to maximize the full potential of their international mission and projects.

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion
— Lee Bolman